Redeemer Indie Game Review – Indie Gaiden 001

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For our first game we decided to smash it up in Redeemer, a 2017 top-down beat-em-up developed by Russian indie studio Sobaka and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. It was released initially for Windows, and later as an Enhanced Edition for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2019.

In the game you play a former soldier who’s retired to a monestary, only to be dragged back into a life of furious violence when your home is attacked by his former comrades.

We talked about this game for two hours, then edited the podcast episode down to 40 minutes, cutting out a lot of digressions, ranting, and side-discussions. If you’d like to hear our full and uncut audio, consider supporting us on patreon.

Thanks to composer AJ Mills for our intro and outro music.

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